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Alien and Paranormal Conference Schedule.
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The Event Conference (US)

10 Dec, 2018 -- 14 Dec, 2018

UFO Congress

04 Sep, 2019 -- 08 Sep, 2019

Contact In The Desert (US)

Type of EventConference
VenueRenaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa
Address44400 Indian Wells Lane
CityIndian Wells
Postal Code92210
CountryUnited States of America
DescriptionExcellent UFO conference featuring many very well known names. Lectures, Speakers, Workshops, Intensives, Vendors, Dinners
Other InfoSpeakers: George Noory, Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Wilcock, Erich Von Daniken, Nick Pope, Whitley Strieber, Yvonne Smith, Linda Moulton Howe, Mike Bara, Richard Dolan, Ben Hanson, Daniel Sheehan, James Gilliland, Stephen Bassett, Grant Cameron, Paul Stonehill, Hugh Newman, Peter Levenda, Laura Eisenhower, Corey Goode, Michael Salla, A.J. Gevaerd, Dr. Ken Johnston, Jimmy Church, Clyde Lewis, Brien Foerster, Jsaon Quitt, John Desouza, Clifford Mahooty, JJ & Desiree Hurtak, Jim Vieira, Carl Lehrburger, Brad Olsen, Jeremy Corebell, Peter Davenport, Dr. Joel 'Doc' Wallach, Anyextee, Adam Curry, Sasha & Janet Lessin, Robert Perala, Steve Murillo, Alan Steinfeld, Becky Merlino and more!